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New Releases

Lately released: Thomas Radman - Testdrive and Mike Koglin - Antidote The Remixes, including all tracks from our remix contest winners. Available at Tracktracker.com, Humpty.de , Beatport.com and many more...

Music Player Updated

Recently added the new track from Blix Cannon, Grinder. Within next days new tracks from Nuclear Hyde, Thomas Radman and Marcel Van Eyck will be available. Launch the player

New Nuclear Hyde Release

Trance heavyweights Nuclear Hyde are back again with their first release in several years. This hard banging tech track gets down and dirty with a fat gritty hook and a slamming bass line. It's already receiving massive support from several leading names and will be featured on Beatport. It will be released on 08-09-05.

Next Blix Cannon Release

Blix Cannon is hard at work with their fourth release this summer. The Cannon offer a change of pace from their usual Uplifting Euphoric sound and takes us on a tech trance journey that will leave any crowd shaking in their boots. It has received enormous support from the few select DJs who received promos. Be sure to grab this release available on 08-09-16

Download Mike Koglins Antidote

Download the extended version of Mike Koglins track Antidote, wich is used for our remix contest, for free. Just visit TrackTracker. You also can prelisten the track, if you visit our player.

Trance ID 2 Remix Contest

Time Unlimited and the german sample & sound design company Ueberschall are launching their "Trance ID 2" remix contest. Any remixes which are based on the sample kit from "Trance ID Volume 2" can enter the competition. The winning remix will be rewarded with a guaranteed release on the renowned electronic/trance label TIME UNLIMITED. The contest starts 1st August, all entrances must be submitted by 30th September 2008.


New Blix Cannon EP

Look out for Blix Cannon's latest EP, "Amerika United" The release combines driving leads with uplifting melodies and is nothing short of classic banging trance. The Cannon will also be launching the "Grinder" EP in August. More info to be announced.
Mike Koglin

Mike Koglin burst onto the scene in 1998 with his club anthem and UK top20 hit 'The Silence', one of the defining tracks of the UK trance phenomenon which put Mike firmly onto the map as one of the key players in dance music. Since then the Grammy-nominated Producer, Remixer and DJ has has released aconstant string of productions, under his own name or under one of his various aliases, as well as over 70 remixes in the last 7 years.

Read more about Mike Koglin
Deep Voices

In 2004, long-time studio partners, Steve Baltes of Germany and Dyloot of San Francisco teamed up to form the guise DEEP VOICES. Together in a Trans-Atlantic partnership, they have fused their styles and continue to captivate listeners with their own blend of deep and melodic trance. Their first album released in 2005, "INCOMING TRANSMISSION," marked a notable shift in their musical trajectory, delivering an array of releases on international labels...

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Nuclear Hyde

Marc Steinmeier alias Nuclear Hyde was born in Hannover, Germany and started to play instruments at the age of 6 and later he attended a music school in Hannover. After a while he left school couse he got bored by the theoretical lessons but continued to work on his own music and enhance his musical skills. He took a closer look into dance music when some of his friends introduced him to electronic music and gave him some CD´s of Sven Väth.

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Blix Cannon

Charles Boland and Tim Delphis joined forces in 2004 to create the adrenaline charged duo, Blix Cannon. Their signature sound combines hard percussive elements with driving melodies and pushes all boundries of the trance genre. After three years of top-notch studio productions, the Cannon launched their highly anticipated artist album on Time Unlimited Records. The overwhelming response has catapulted Blix Cannon...

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Thomas Radman

Born in Berlin, Germany, Thomas Radman has had electronic influences ever since the annual Love Parade passed by his home for the first time. His family immigrated to the US in 1995. In 2001 He first started messing with recordings. By 2003 he picked up DJing as well and was now ready to hit the masses. His unique fusion of trance and progressive electro is a refreshing dose of sound in today's watered down electro market.

Marcel Van Eyck

Born in the year 1983 in Duisburg, I began already in the early steps in my life to develope the passion for music. In the 80’s and 90’s I listened to the synth sounds and this should emboss me for the following years. In 1998 I started to listen to several radio shows which supported electronical music. Two years later I bought myself the first DJ-Equipment and in the same time I commenced to create self running music mixes on the computer.

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